You received a crypto voucher and want to claim the funds?

Scan the QR code on the voucher, or type your voucher ID manually here:

After clicking "verify", your code will be checked. If it is valid, you will be asked for your crypto wallet's account number so the actual funds can be sent out.

If you do not have a wallet for the NANO cryptocurrency yet, no problem! Creating one is a matter of seconds. You can for example get a wallet app called "Natrium" for your smartphone for free on the Android Play store and Apple App store.

Caution: All of these apps will generate a so-called "seed" which is kind of a master password to access your funds. Be sure to guard this. If you lose the seed, you will not be able to recover the funds. If a third party gets access to the seed, they can raid your wallet. You are only supposed to give away the account number which is starting with a "nano_" prefix (often referred to as the "public key"). By giving away the account number, you enable others to send funds to you. You can post it on social media channels for example.

You want to create new vouchers?

open the voucher generator

What this website is about

Instead of using cryptocurrency for speculation only, we should rather use it to transfer value. This website specifically helps cryptocurrency advocates promote the technology by making it simple to send funds when the recipient probably does not have a wallet yet. But unlike paperwallets, the vouchers will expire after a certain time, so the funds are not at risk of ending up being burnt if the recipient is not interested in dealing with cryptocurrency.

What is the NANO cryptocurrency

NANO is a new generation of blockchain technology. Established in 2015 and evolving ever since, it uses a completely different approach than other coins. Unlike Bitcoin for example, NANO does not rely on energy-wasting "mining" and therefore is virtually instant to transact and does not have to charge any transaction fees. The NANO network is independent from central banks and banks because it is secured by cutting-edge cryptography. Give it a try!

Contact / Suggestions

If you have improvement proposals, new designs, or any other helpful contribution or a question, you can ping 'renesq' on the Discord channels of NANO, BANANO and

I know this page still needs a lot of polishing. It's a proof-of-concept at the moment so it may show unusual behavior.

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